Join us in late-April, early-May

Our upcoming tour starts in Seoul April 28

Our tour will start in Seoul the evening of April 28 with a meeting in the hotel lobby, dinner at a nearby Korean barbecue restaurant and a visit to Seoul N Tower.

April 29 Changdeok Palace and Biwon (Secret Garden), Bukchon Hanok Village and Cheonggyecheong “where nature grew from the city’s concrete”. Maybe a nightclub in Gangnam if you’re up for it.

April 30 Gyeongbokgung Palace  in the heart of Seoul, drinks at a traditional tea house in Insadong, Dinner and night shopping in Myeongdong.

May 1 KTX train to Busan and a hotel on Haeundae Beach. Dinner at O Ban Jo (best BBQ restaurant)

May 2 Easy hike around the trails at Taejongdae and lunch on the rocks below the lighthouse

May 3 Bus to Geoje Island and our hotel in Okpo. Walk around town and along the boardwalk by the shore.

May 4 Scenic drive around beautiful Geoje Island, excursion boat to Oedo Botania (island botanical garden), stops at Gujora Beach and lunch at Hakdong Black Pearl Pebble Beach.

May 5 Easy hike along the water to Deokpo Beach. Maybe a hike up Guksabong.

May 6 Bus to Gimhae Airport, flight home